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Private one-to-one Nutritional Consultations
Thank you for your interest. Amelia's list is now closed and she is not able to take on new clients.
The consultation process

In a typical nutritional therapy consultation, I will assess the individual’s general health, family and health history, dietary habits, digestive function and lifestyle. I will then devise a dietary and lifestyle plan suitable for the individual’s circumstances with the aim of addressing the individuals health goals. This may include dietary adjustments, suggestions for dietary support, lifestyle changes and food or botanical supplement recommendations.

Sometimes my work requires the interpretation of test results brought to me by clients. These tests may have been ordered by other Nutritional Therapists or a General Practitioner or other clinician. The results of the tests help me to better understand the unique nutritional needs of my clients.

I may also request functional tests from time to time. These are chosen to add useful information to my decision making process concerning current and future food, supplement and lifestyle suggestions. A number of laboratories make these tests available to nutritional therapists, and my role is to relate the test results to my patient and find out if there are any specific nutritional deficiencies. The aim is always to help each client achieve an optimal level of wellness through the use of careful and individualised dietary and lifestyle modification.

Some of the functional tests that I may use are:

Tests are sometimes paid for or refunded by insurance companies, but are mostly the responsibility of the individual.

Please email info@freernutrition.com for further info.

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