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Cookery Workshops by Amelia Freer
Cookery Workshops

I'm not a trained chef, in fact I've taught myself to cook. In response to my own health issues, I learnt that food played a leading role in my recovery and a strong passion for cooking grew from there. I steer away from fancy or complicated dishes choosing instead to celebrate food at its most authentic and nutritionally rich state. I confess to being a rather haphazard cook at times (but that's the fun!).

I have been hosting cookery workshop events for a number of years and they have proved to be very popular. They started in response to the needs of clients - I started mentoring and cooking meals which lead to a full meal delivery service and a natural step toward teaching. I now hold a series of workshop events during the year, each is focused on a different theme or health issue.

Cooking shouldn't feel intimidating or overwhelming, it should be instinctive and spontaneous. Naturally, there should be opportunities to create ambitious dishes especially if you have a love of cooking, but day to day cooking need not be any less rewarding - nutritious, wholesome food can be quick and easy to achieve. With some core knowledge, you'll have the know-how to create amazing dishes that pack a healthy punch.

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